When In Manila

“Lifestyle, Travel, Philippine News and Manila Trends”
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45 Best Mobile Apps and Tools for Marketers

How to manage your social media marketing campaigns from your mobile device – a full list of 45 mobile apps for on-the-go marketers.

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Tatiana Kotova – Miss Russia 2006

Tatiana Kotova
Music, Dancer, TV presenter, Actress, Miss Russia 2006
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Francisca Dennis | Tailored Lifestyles

“Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. At FDLifestyle, providing relevant information, programs and tools for women to reach their fullest potential in fitness and in life is our ultimate goal. Your comments and feedback are very important to us so please take a look around and share your thoughts.
With love, light and much gratitude,

Francisca & the FDLifestyle Team”
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Maze Exclusive – Maze Exclusive

“Maze Exclusive established in 2009 known for being the most comprehensive and experienced in consumer headphones, earphones and speakers.”
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Blog Destino a Miami por Miriã Caixêta

“O Blog Destino a Miami mostra o que Miami tem de melhor!”
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The Lingerie Stylist

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“Every woman has a different goal, when it comes to building her intimate apparel collection. I use a tailored approach with everyone. You may want to accomplish something as simple as finding the perfect bra. You may be ready to develop an undergarment collection from scratch because nothing you own is working. Or maybe you’re ready to lounge behind closed doors a little more fabulously.

My services range anywhere from in-home bra fitting consultations, assessing your existing collection to see what works, what doesn’t, and what pieces are missing. If you’re ready to expand your collection, we can schedule a shopping session and pull pieces that compliment your shape, as well as your wardrobe. If shopping online is all you have time for and I’ve bra fitted you, I can assist you by pointing you in the right direction as far as brands and style. Working virtually is another option we can consider. Worrying if you have the right undergarment for that new top or dress should be a concern of the past!

I style in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please feel free to contact me for an appointment, gift certificates, and any other questions you may have.”
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Infographic: The Optimal Length for Every Social Media Update

The optimal length for social media posts and all other forms of online content. Get best practices for tweets, posts, blogs, and more.

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27 Best Copywriting Formulas: How to Tell a Captivating Story Online

How can you write a social media update that wins readers over every single time? Start with these 27 copywriting formulas. Find a favorite. Repeat.

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Cycloramic for iPhone 5/5S (Photography)

Cycloramic for iPhone 5/5S 1.3.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.3.2 (iTunes)


50% Off for a Limited Time (Reg $1.99)
▶▶ The Handsfree mode only works with the iPhone 5/5S and must be used on a polished level surface (granite or marble counter top).

Cycloramic Revolutionizes the way you take panoramic photos and videos! Handsfree!
- Steve Wozniak: ”Unexpected, fanciful and useful all at the same time!”
- TechCrunch: "The Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2013"
- The New York Times: “Pogie Award for Brightest Ideas of 2012”
- Gizmodo: “Coolest thing we’ve seen an app do in a while.”

15 Million total downloads worldwide.

▶ GUIDED Mode (All iPhones and iPads): The easiest, fastest panorama taking app. Just follow the guided system to take the perfect panorama photo every time.

▶ HANDSFREE Mode (iPhone 5/5s ONLY): This revolutionary, fully automated mode lets your phone do all the work. Just put your phone on a smooth, level surface and it will automatically rotates 360 degrees using the phone’s internal vibration motor. As it rotates, the phone takes multiple photos, instantaneously stitches them together, and generates a panoramic photo viewable in our immersive viewer.

- The easiest panorama guidance system.
- The fastest panorama capture (less than 3 sec for 180 degree panorama with the iPhone 5S)
- up to 360-degree panoramas.
- Award winning photo editing and enhancement tools from Aviary: filters, frames, stickers, adjustments (crop, rotate, contrast, brightness, etc.) and more. The photo suite can also be used on your regular photos taken outside of Cycloramic.
- Immersive viewer.
- Video Conversion: Convert any photo into a video (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p resolutions).
- Panorama Photo to INSTAGRAM Video converter.
- Share to Facebook, Twitter, INSTAGRAM (photo and video), email, sms and camera roll.
- … And for the iPhone 5/5S, the revolutionary Handsfree Mode.

▶▶▶ CYCLORAMIC’s Patented Technology:
If you are interested in using Cycloramic’s Vibration-Induced Rotation Patented Technology SDK, contact us at contact@egosventures.com

Also featured in Petapixel, ABC News, INC, Sharktank, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Crunchbase, NY Times, Gizmodo, CNET, Lifehacker, TUAW, TechCrunch, LA Times, The Telegraph, mac4ever, Le journal du geek, Presse Citron…

Visit Cycloramic.com for our Blog, Pressroom, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Support and Tutorials.

If you are not 100% satisfied or need help please contact us at contact@cycloramic.com.

Capture the world!
The Cycloramic Team

What’s New

We changed the name to:
Cycloramic for iPhone 5/5s

Cycloramic for iPhone 5/5S

Via AppShopper.com: Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Photography) for iOS http://ift.tt/1udOKNG