Simple Transfer Pro – Wireless Photo & Video Backup, Sync & Share (Photography)

Simple Transfer Pro – Wireless Photo & Video Backup, Sync & Share 3.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $2.99 -> Free, Version: 3.1 (iTunes)


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Simple Transfer Pro is the easiest way of transferring your Photos and Videos to computer and other iOS devices wirelessly. No need for cable, iTunes or extra softwares on your computer.

●●●●● “Turns phone into a web server with great user interface! Best feature: “Select All” so many other apps miss this option.”

●●●●● “… perfect for sending full 720p iPhone videos and pictures…”

Main Features:
● View all your photo albums and videos on your computer and download them by a single click via WiFi

● Send multiple photos and videos from your computer to your device

● Transfer unlimited photos and videos between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), select an album and tap on “Select All” to transfer all your photos/videos

● Optional passcode system for accessing the website

● Ability to create new albums and transfer photos/videos to any selected album

● Photos are transferred with full resolution including metadata and videos transferred with the highest quality available

● No limit on the number or size of photos/videos you transfer between devices or computers

● Slideshow photo albums on your computer’s browser

● Works on Windows, Mac and Linux and it’s fast!

Simple Transfer Pro does not use or transfer your files to any external server. It provides a completely private website to be accessed by only computers that are directly connected to your local WiFi network. Your photos and videos cannot be accessed from the Internet.

Please contact our support directly at or send an email from inside the app regarding any questions, suggestions or concerns.

What’s New

Version 3.1:
● Fixed upload issue on older versions of FireFox
● Improved compatibility of ZIP files exceeding 4GB
● Passcode is not required anymore if it’s set to empty!
● Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

Version 3.0 is our biggest update ever with major improvements and new features:

● Complete redesign of the website with simple and easy way to transfer your photos and videos

● Added optional passcode system for accessing the website

● Quickly select and filter your photos and videos by various date range on the website

● Easily upload files using drag-and-drop feature from your computer to any album on the website

● Downloading photos/videos from Device to Computer is now TWICE as fast before!

● No need for Adobe Flash anymore if you are using IE10+ or other browsers

● Fixed an issue where it failed to download videos bigger than 4GB

● iOS7 compatibility (still works with iOS5 and iOS6)

● Added a quick tutorial for Computer and Devices tab

● Improved UI and bug fixes

Simple Transfer Pro – Wireless Photo & Video Backup, Sync & Share

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