Tiny Planet Photos and Video (Photography)

Tiny Planet Photos and Video 6.2.1

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Photography
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 6.2.1 (iTunes)


Tiny Planet Photos turns your photos into a sphere so it looks like a tiny planet.
A fun app to add to your collection of photo apps!
NEW – Now with video and live editing tools!

*As seen on CNN iReport & ABC News*

“Tiny Planets does effortlessly in seconds what photographers would typically need Photoshop or a similar program in order to accomplish.” — appadvice

“Tiny Planets are fun to make using your digi photos, but this app now lets you make them on your iPhone!” – PhotoJojo

“One of 10 Must-Have Apps for the iPhone Photographer” – expertphotography.com

Tiny Planet Photos turns your photos into a sphere so that it looks like a Tiny Planet – A magical effect that will impress your friends! Create inverse planets that look like Rabbit Holes too. And make videos that show the unreal transformations too! The app creates stereographic projections, an effect that takes a long time to create manually. With this app you can accomplish this in a single tap.

• Use photos from your camera roll, take photos in the app itself or use one of the example images.
• If you have panoramic photos or wide angle photos on your camera roll, you can use these as well.
• Generate a stereographic projection out of your photo: a Tiny Planet, or turn it inside out into a Rabbit Hole
• Or make a video and see your photo go from Tiny Planet to Rabbit Hole and back again.

• Purchase the extras pack for:
••• Live Editing Tools: Control Edge Blur, Edge Alignment, Latitude, Longitude, Zoom, Rotation, Horizontal Offset, Vertical Offset, Duration (for Video).
••• Larger and configurable dimensions of your tiny planets (up to 4000×4000 pixels on iPhone 5 and newer devices)
••• New, additional Video Effects: Video Rotate, Video Zoom, Video Blast

• Compare your Tiny Planets to the original photo with one simple swipe.
• Your Tiny Planets and Rabbit Holes are automatically collected in the in-app gallery: all your planets in one place to view and share (of course you can also delete planets from your gallery)
• Share your tiny planet photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, via email or SMS – or save them to your camera roll.
• For those stereographic projection fans who want a quick way to make a tiny planet, this app creates Tiny Planets from just one shot. Stitching together multiple photos is not needed with this app.

— TIPS —
• Works great with classic landscape photos, but other types of photos can lead to surprising and exciting results too!
• Follow us on Instagram @madewithTinyPlanets to get inspired.
• Get great results by using Tiny Planet Photos in combination with panorama apps like Photosynth and 360 panorama. First make the panorama shot, then import it into Tiny Planet Photos from your camera roll and transform.
• Check out this video for inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOe5mGinVds
• Experiment!

Instagram: @madeWithTinyPlanets #TinyPlanet
Twitter: @infodingapps #TinyPlanet

What’s New

We’ve focused this update addressing some of the issues you’ve let us know about. Thank you! Please reach out if you have any feedback or questions – info@infoding.com

• Dismissing an editing control or switching between editing controls when the editing dial is still moving doesn’t lead to a crash anymore. (Thanks Randallaka for letting us know about this)
• Using large source image (e.g. panoramas or image imported from a DSLR) doesn’t lead to memory-related crashes anymore on iPhone 6 Plus. (Thanks Vlad and Nick for letting us know about this)
• Other minor fixes and improvements

App Store ratings start from scratch with every new version. Help us continue to make Tiny Planet Photos great by rating us again on the App Store. Thanks again!

And thanks everyone for the feedback on the new Tiny Planet Photos controls! Join us on Instagram for some great inspiration from the community @MadeWithTinyPlanets #TinyPlanet

Tiny Planet Photos and Video

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