Fotojam – AutoSync Grouping Album (Photography)

Fotojam – AutoSync Grouping Album 1.4

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $2.99 -> Free, Version: 1.4 (iTunes)


Limited Free Sale in 7/9-7/11!
"Where is the memorable picture at that day?"
"One wishes to view at that place!"

Fotojam will resolve your problem.

I have released similar app "Smart Album" downloaded 10,0000. Now it reborn to "Fotojam".
Fotojam is new innovative picture manager app for next generation.

■ Fotojam automatically organizes your photo continue to increase in iPhone .

When you run "Fotojam", it already start to sort automatically in the background. And If you back to home screen, "Fotojam" continues to sort by iOS7 background fetch at regular time intervals.

So, "Fotojam" get you free to sort your camera roll.

■ Main sort group is video, photo, image ,screen shot, wallpaper and custom(you can make condition for sorting).

Custom condition is able to set by size, comments, hashtags, extension, time, place, kind of camera and app name of using.

"OR AND NOT" of search are supported.

No more lose memorial picture in your iPhone.

■ Sort group in "Fotojam" syncs with album in default picture app.

So you can use the album made by "Fotojam" as same as picture app by othe app.

■ The amenity of "Fotojam" is not only sorting. Viewing and sharing is great, too.

Catalog screen is using thumbnail type by date. It looks like a time line of photo and be excellent at browsing. And you can jump to any date.

When you share your picture to Twitter or Facebook and etc.. with comment, it is kept with picture in Fotojam. So, you can bring back to memory with your picture and comment.

And more, you can use DropBox, Instagram and other application. Default picture app can’t do that!!

* This application only view the picture in your camera roll. Not save to app. If you delete the picture, you can’t see it by Fotojam,too.
And Fotojam can’t delete the picture in app by Apple’s constraint.

What’s New

– Bug Fix.
– Create albums setting is added.

Fotojam – AutoSync Grouping Album

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