Fotograf (Photography)

Fotograf 1.2.5

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2.5 (iTunes)


** Note: v1.2.5 fixes the exif/rotation bug people reported with the previous version **

Fotograf is the first photo app to bring the true depth of film to iPhone and iPad, with a comprehensive set of 25 film-based filters included by default and limitless possibilities for expansion.

There’s a reason photos just look better with Fotograf. It’s been obsessively engineered from end to end for the highest standards of color precision. In technical terms, that means we’re using non-destructive, 96-bits-per-pixel color calculations at every step, and avoiding the extra stages of compression that are found in so many other photo apps. What this really means is smoother color gradations, deeper tone ranges, and sharper details, no matter how many adjustments or filters you apply.

That’s just the beginning. We’ve crafted a large core set of 25 filters that cover the most timeless styles in classic photography, then set them in an elegant interface that allows you to compare and tweak with ease, making Fotograf a joy to use. You can infinitely grow your collection of filters with downloadable add-on sets, by crafting your own presets within the app, or by creating filters from scratch on your computer with our award-winning CameraBag software for Mac and PC.

Cool things to try in Fotograf:
– Take a photo with manual exposure – the exposure slider in Fotograf’s built-in camera is tuned to give you the highest-fidelity results
– Use Fotograf in landscape orientation, then you don’t have to keep switching how you hold the phone between taking photos and filtering
– Try autofilter mode to have your selected filter applied to all the photos you take automatically – you can take a bunch of filtered photos in a row without having to filter and save each one individually
– Use Fotograf on your iPad or your iPhone – Fotograf is now universal
– Design a filter on your computer with CameraBag and then import it into Fotograf (additional purchase required)
– If you like a filter but you prefer it tuned down a bit, adjust its amount slider and then save it as a new preset
– Save your everyday basic adjustments (contrast, exposure, etc) as a filter to easily, automatically apply them to photos
– If your photo is too bright, you can turn down the exposure and commit the adjustments, then you can see your newly adjusted photo in every filter
– Download a filter set from the online store built in to Fotograf – when the filter set is installed, you’ll see it as its own section in your filters for easy access
– Customize your hashtags for when you share to Instagram or Facebook
– Swipe down to hide the editing tools, then tap or swipe left or right to quickly preview the filters one by one

What’s New

– Updated in-app camera behavior to allow taking multiple photos by default: now you press the Done button when you’re done taking photos and want to edit the last photo taken
– Changed the way you auto-filter photos with a given filter: now you press and hold on the filter thumbnail in the filter chooser
– Fixed bug that lost exif data on photo import
– Fixed bug that improperly rotated some photos on import


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