Calista – Best way to Design your Photo (Photography)

Calista – Best way to Design your Photo 1.3.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $2.99 -> Free, Version: 1.3.2 (iTunes)


【 This is the best way to design your photo】
Express your sensitivity and inspiration in your photo.

Everyone can become a designer.
“Calista” gives you “Totally best way of photo Editing”.
– Decorate your photo with various design template provided by ” Calista “.
Every normal photo can become fantastic new feeling decorated picture.
“Calista” will make your photo more beautiful and stylish.

◆ Provide 9 styles and more then 240 kinds of Design Assets
(Include 3 Styles & 64 Templates via In-App Purchaes)

【 Template 】
– Basic Template
Simple, smart templates composed with 4 theme (Circle, Line, Polygon, Shape)
will decorate your photo.

– Object Template
Templates motivated by the shape of the object.

– Geometric Template
There are pattern Template based on Geometric form.
If you like playing with modern style.
Geometry template is suit for you!

– Artistic Template
Templates made with many brush touch and blur effect.

– Prism Template
Various color of light are
Make your picture more fantastic.

– Pattern Template
Repeated and continuous Patterns
showing uncluttered beauty.

【 Special 3 Template】: Via In-App Purchases
◑ Floral Template
It’s handmade painting drawn with watercolor.
There are many kinds of warm, natural style flower painting template.

◑ Jogakbo Template
It’s Korean traditional textile technic with elegant sense.
Decorate your photos with these elegant and Neo-classical designed template.

◑ Zodiac Template
Given constellations since you were born.
Decorate your photos stylish with your Templar

◆ “Calista” provides three kinds of composition tools.
There are so many function to help you to design your photo easily.
You will enjoy decorating photo, apply template via Calista’s intuitive function.

1. Template Edit :
Provide many effective function to make the templates more wonderful
– 19 kinds of color blending effect
(Blend effect shows unique color effect via blending with photo)
– Templates attribute adjust(Zoom in/out, Rotation, Flip etc)
– Hue, Saturation, Opacity modification function
– Blur function
– Masking(Erase Template) function
: You can make more unique and stereoscopic image
via erase some part of template.

2. Photo Edit :
– 6 styles, more then 25 kinds of stylish filters
– Hue, Saturation, Opacity modification function
– Vignette effect

3. Text Edit :
– More then 40 kinds of design ponts.
– More then 80 kinds of system ponts.
– Space between the lines, letters, rotation, transparency adjustable
– Font color Changeable
– 19 kinds of blending effect

◆ Help everyone can design easily
– Want to make stylish photo
– Want to decorate Presentation Page more stylish
– Want to design Banners
– Products introduce design
And more…

◆ Sharing and saving Photo
– Save into Camera Roll
– Share via E-mail or SMS
– Share onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr etc…

Your review will help us to make a better app.
So feel free to give us what you thinking about “Calista”

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What’s New

⊙ “Calista” Fourth Update
1. Bug Fixed : “Home”,”Add More Template” Inoperative Bug.
2. iOS 8.1.1 Optimization

We have a lot of updates plan fore Calista.
We will improve “Calista” better and better.

Calista – Best way to Design your Photo

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