PhotoPresenter (Photography)

PhotoPresenter 3.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 3.0 (iTunes)


Recently, Bastian, our video guru, was asked to host a workshop about our app iStopMotion on very short notice. He figured the best way would be to show some pictures of people using it and videos that were made with it. Since he didn’t have time to prepare a slideshow and didn’t know what order to put the photos and videos in, he searched for an app that would allow him to randomly pick photos or videos from the photo roll and display those in a nonlinear presentation on a screen connected via AirPlay or HDMI as he went along with his story. The challenge was that there were some pictures and video in his photo roll he didn’t want the audience to see, a problem that most of the solutions proposed by his Twitter friends had.

Because his search did not yield any satisfactory results, we made PhotoPresenter for iOS for him.

And now we can share it with you.

“…clever idea…” – Bryan Chaffin, MacObserver
“PhotoPresenter is a very good idea at a very low price.” – Mel Martin, TUAW

It’s perfect for the ad hoc show and tell session. Simply hook up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to an HDTV set or a projector with HDMI or VGA (for example by using the Lightning Digital AV Adapter) or via AirPlay.Next browse your photo library to find the photo or video you want to show. Click on the picture or video and it will appear on this second screen. Your audience will not see any other picture. You can jump back and forth and are not restricted by a preset order. Maybe you have multiple versions of the same motif and want to pick the best? There is a preview mode for that.

Use the built-in Laser Pointer tool to point out features of your photos or highlight an area with the Mouseposé-inspired spotlight effect. (Available via in-app purchase)

Imagine your grandparents asking you to see photos from your great holiday after lunch.
There were certainly some photos there you don’t want them to see.

Imagine showing your portfolio to a client.
Following your conversation, you’ll want to pick specific photos or videos for your client to see.

Imagine working with your team on creative concepts.
Jumping back and forth to follow the discussion is an invaluable creativity tool.

NOTE: iPhone 4 does not support AirPlay Mirroring and will not work with PhotoPresenter.

What’s New

– App is now free with premium features being available as an in-app purchase.
– Laser Pointer tool is now an in-app purchase. Customers who bought previous versions will get this feature for free.
– Added branding with a custom logo being displayed on the presentation black-out screen (via in-app purchase).
– Added a Monty-Pythonesque arm to the Laser Pointer tool.


Via AppShopper.com: Popular New Apps, Version Changes and Price Changes (Photography) for iOS https://appshopper.com/photography/photopresenter

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