Photo Quality Check (Photography)

Photo Quality Check 1.2.0

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Photography
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2.0 (iTunes)


UPDATE: Some users have been reporting app crashing when accessing the camera or the library. An update has already been submitted to the App Store, and should fix that issue. Please wait for the 1.2.1 update to test the app. Thank you.

Is my photo really sharp? Is the focus where I want it to be? Don’t lose good moments with bad photos. Evaluate every pixel of your photo on the go!

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"PQC has become one of the apps that is worthy of the honour to be included in my personal virtual Camera Bag and I use it regularly to check my photos. In my opinion it is a must have app for all serious mobile photographers out there."

– Chris Prakoso, Photographer and main editor at
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With this app you can quickly check each photo’s detail and sharpness by previewing it at 100% zoom level: each photo’s pixel is matched to each display pixel, both on retina and non-retina displays. It’s like your personal magnifying glass always in your pocket.

Photo Quality Check is a simple utility app for all iPhone users that like to evaluate a photo’s detail, or need the image to be sharp and focused for print. It may be useful for professionals who use the photos in their work, or users that still like to keep physical photo albums and turn their best photos into posters.

Take photos inside the app with the built-in camera interface, evaluate and save only the good ones, or check existing photos from your camera roll or any other photo album.

You can check the picture quality in two different ways. With tap zoom just touch your photo to zoom it to 100% and drag your finger to pan around, quickly checking every detail. With pinch zoom you can magnify your photo up to 100%. This holds the zoom level so that you can analyze a particular detail without having to keep your finger on the image.

With the image information window preview the maximum print size of your picture on standard paper sizes, either for offset printing at 300dpi, or for digital ink-jet or laser printing at 150dpi. By taping on the preview image you get the exact maximum advisable print size.

Photo Quality Check is SmallBlackRooom’s debut app, a personal project by a graphic designer and photography enthusiast venturing in iOS development.

Please support this app by leaving a review in the App Store or by emailing your comments to the developer directly.

Every feedback is highly appreciated. New feature requests, questions or issues are welcomed, and considered for future update releases.

Check out more app info and news, developer contact and a demo video at

What’s New

– Changes in interface in the photo evaluation screen, bringing it in line with the iOS pattern behaviors.
– Minor performance improvements and bug-fixes.

Photo Quality Check

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