Lightspeed – Long Exposure Time Lapse Camera (Photography)

Lightspeed – Long Exposure Time Lapse Camera 1.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $2.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2 (iTunes)


Lightspeed is a time lapse camera that’s as easy to use as the built-in camera app.
Just hit record and start filming!

Lightspeed gives you complete control over the shutter angle and shooting speed, enabling you to make the most creative time lapses imaginable.

● Capture intervals as fast as 1/12th of a second up to 5 minutes apart.
● All of the timing and camera controls can be adjusted while the app is recording.
● 1080p HD movies are saved right to your camera roll.
● Watch each frame develop in real time.
● As the cinematographer, take control of the amount of motion blur in your time lapse by adjusting the shutter angle to create light trails and silky smooth motion.
● Continuously adjust shooting parameters while recording to create fun effects and happy accidents.
● Film from a moving vehicle and capture a hyper lapse of your travels.
● Film personal projects and watch them unfold at warp speed.
● Use Lightspeed on a second device to control the app remotely via bluetooth.
● Use the built-in time lapse calculator to determine how long it will take to film.
● Set Auto Start and Stop timers to capture the perfect sunset without forgetting.

Lightspeed works by accumulating light in a manner similar to a motion picture film camera, where the shutter angle is adjusted to control how long each frame is exposed for. A 180° shutter is the typical setting used for motion pictures, and will give a natural cinematic look to your time lapse movies. Dial the shutter down to 1° degree to minimize motion blur for a staccato feel, or ramp it all the way up to 360° degrees to maximize motion blur and give your videos a smooth, fluid look and feel.

Lightspeed is a demanding app and as such runs best on newer devices.

What’s New

● All new built-in time lapse calculator to help determine the how long it will take to film your time lapse movies.
● The calculator also includes auto start and stop recording timers, so you can capture the perfect sunset without forgetting.
● Added new options to automatically lock focus and exposure when recording starts.
● Redesigned the options page to allow for more features coming soon!
● Fixed a bug so the app will automatically stop recording if the device is not plugged in and the battery goes below 10% of a charge.

Lightspeed – Long Exposure Time Lapse Camera

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