How to Accomplish Big Things, Even When You Feel Small

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re in a magical store.

Everywhere you look, there’s something you deeply desire. Experiences, material possessions, even other people — they are all for sale.

The catch?

None of the price tags have a dollar figure on them. Instead, they list the sacrifices you must make to “buy” them.

Want to become a successful entrepreneur?

You can “buy” it for the price of 10-20 years where you teeter on the edge of bankruptcy, sleep for only 4-6 hours a night, listen to everyone calling you a fool, and struggle in silence against your fears and anxiety, burdened with the knowledge that you can never reveal to your employees or investors how scared you are, because they depend on you to give them confidence.

“Gah, that’s terrible,” you say. “The price is too high.”

So, you reach over to a more reasonable one: a family who loves you.

You can “buy” it for the price of …

How to Accomplish Big Things, Even When You Feel Small – Unstoppable

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