How to Put Empire Avenue on Steroids


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I spent last year revealing EAV’s secrets and now is about the time to share the best tips and tricks with you! This document will show you how I use Empire Avenue to grow my networks, and how you can boost your own business too!

If you are into social media business, your goal should be to move your ticker between TOP rated accounts as fast as possible. People will see your results and become interested in what you do!

I am professional Social Media strategist and my Empire Avenue ticker (e)BOUCHAC is rated between TOP 10 in dividends Worldwide. You can find my main social media accounts also between TOP 10 World network leaders on Empire Avenue.

I share this unique info with you for FREE for a good reason – with these tips and tricks you will become soon TOP Empire Avenue player, your dividends will explode and my investments in you will make me very happy 🙂

If you like these tips, connect with me across social media networks. My entire social presence –


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Dividends on steroids – 4.01 (March 10, 2014)

So first things first..



The main strategy is easy. Collect shares which will give you highest daily profits (DIVIDENDS) for the lowest share prices. This ratio is called Return Of Investment (ROI) or also known as Dividend Yield.

How to calculate ROI:
Return Of Investment (ROI) = ( DIVIDEND / SHARE PRICE ) x 100


My SHARE PRICE today (Dec 12, 2013) is 544.44 (e) and my DIVIDEND is 3.83(e)

So let’s do some math and find ROI for my shares:
ROI = (3.83/544.44 ) x 100 = 0.70

Huh, nice number. But it’s a number, how can I know if it is good or bad? … Easy help!

Here is a great place to discover the TOP ROI stocks  (daily updated list)

As you can see, between TOP rated accounts on the list are STOCKS with ROI between 0.7 and 0.5

Bigger number = better ROI, which means you should now go and BUY as much (e)BOUCHAC as you can, because this account ROCKS!


Here is how to find out how much direct profit you will get from my shares every day:


So for every 1000 shares you own you will get:

1000 x 3.83 =  +3830 (e) every day! Yay 🙂



If shares aren’t driving good ROI to you, they are not a good investment on EAv.
Don’t let bad shares rent a space in your portfolio, kick them out and buy shares with good ROI instead.
!!! Do not sell shares of people with low ROI who are engaging with you across networks. Send them link to this document and help them increase their ROI. It will help you both!



It’s all about DIVIDENDS, DIVIDENDS, DIVIDENDS! Increase your dividends and investors will follow!

Your dividends will rise if you will be interactive on EA and your connected social media feeds!

Screenshot 2013-12-11 23.06.53

If you were active today you will pay out a lot of dividends to your share holders. If you were inactive, the amount you pay out will be much lower. If you aren’t driving good dividends, you’re not a good investment on EAv – easy peasy lemon squeezy..


Some people will not be nice to you if you do not buy back or even if you sell their ehm.. not so great ROI stocks. This is not because they are rude people, this is because they do not understand the ROI rule. Send them link to this blog and help them understand!  The more your shareholders understand what to do on Empire Avenue, the better it will be for you..



Buying low ROI non engaging friends or buying shares just because someone asked you to do so..
No! Send them link to this blog instead and help them understand and boost their ROI, after then buy their shares and enjoy the sweet dividends together!

– Holding onto every single stock you purchase forever
No! No more ROI, no engagement, no more love. Sold.

– Buying the highest-priced stocks blindly
EAv is not about SHARE PRICE! Some people believe when the stock is highly priced, must be great. Do NOT follow the crowd! This is BIG Empire Avenue #MYTH and dangerous mind virus. But you now know the ROI math.. If the ROI is low and the stock owner is not engaging with you across social media networks, sell and invest into accounts with great ROI instead.

Selling high ROI accounts just because they did not buy back you shares
Who cares? You are enjoying their divs no matter if they buy back your stocks or not!
If  you think you are good investment, contact the person directly. Maybe they only overlooked your great stock..


!!! Got some other tips and comments or need help to improve your own dividends? 

Please share below or contact me directly via email.

Happy networking, and if you like, SHARE SHARE SHARE! See you at the TOP! 🙂

Zbynek aka (e)BOUCHAC


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Thanks Steffen! 🙂


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About zbynekkysela
Zbynek Kysela is an independent digital artist and social media enthusiast helping others organise, grow and optimise their social presence. Multi-skilled professional with strong security, technical and managerial background. Connect with Zbynek on Google+

34 Responses to How to Put Empire Avenue on Steroids

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  2. This is very interesting, but also heavy duty. Will take a while to settle in my mind 🙂

  3. This is very interesting information, but also heavy duty. It will take a while for all this to settle in my mind 🙂
    I have just added your blog very nice and neat on my own #EmpireAvenue Bog. Just have a look and see :


    • zbynekkysela says:

      Thanks for your awesome support Steffen! People should know how to rock #EAV and I truly believe together we can break the myths and show people the right way how to invest on #EmpireAvenue! I’m already maxed in your stock (e)STEFFENBIESE for a good reason 🙂 Have a fun mate an happy investing everyone!

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  6. Blair Kunkel says:

    These are some very great tips to follow especially for those just starting out! Thank you for sharing your tips with us! I am guilty of holding on to a few low ROI tickers myself and need to get more in the habit of sorting through them and weeding them out. Thanks Zbynek!

  7. Václav says:

    Hello Zbynek,

    i read your article. And you have there one small mistake. In a part 1) BUY GREAT SHARES
    You wrote mathematical formula for ROI, but you have switched Share value and dividends 🙂

    THen later in example you have it right already!

    Have a great day!
    (e) dubskyv

  8. Hi Zbynek, thanks for sharing your perspective. I mentioned this to Steffen Bieser a week or two ago, but the interesting thing about Empire Avenue is that “winning” is not defined. One person’s goal may be to have the highest share price, another person’s goal may be to have the highest wealth, another person’s goal could be to have the highest yield (dividend/share price). Some people don’t even use EAv as a game but as a networking or marketing tool.

    Are you open-minded to the possibility that EAv can be about different things to different people?

    By the way, I think you mistyped the ROI formula. I think you intended it to be:
    Return Of Investment (ROI) = (DIVIDEND / SHARE PRICE) x 100

    • zbynekkysela says:

      Thanks for your comment Paul!
      This document is mainly about how to make your shares attractive for investors and get nice TRAFFIC to your #EAV and connected networks.
      You can of course have a different goal, but if you want to get your Empire Avenue ticker between TOP visited, have great DIVIDENDS / ROI is no doubt fastest way to success.

      And thanks for the notice about ROI formula, fixed the typo 🙂

      Happy investing, Zbynek aka (e)BOUCHAC

    • Hi Paul, this is right, #EmpireAvenue can be many different things. However, if one wants to invest, then there are certain rules you better follow, or you will not be successful with your investing. Have a great christmas 🙂

      • zbynekkysela says:

        Merry Christmas to you all 🙂 Happy investing!

      • What do you mean by “successful with your investing?” Is that having the most wealth? Having the highest share prices? Doing the best marketing?

        We have to define “success” before we can determine the strategy that best takes one there.

        Merry Christmas.

        • Hi, no, I simply mean to make some sort of profit, and not to loose. Most people on #Empire Avenue make no profit at all, they continually loose, and their divifends simply suck. Sorry my french, but this makes it more clear, I thought. Have a nice christmas 🙂

          • Steffen, what do you mean by “profit?” Usually profit = income – expenses. People earn income from dividends and mission rewards. The only expenses are commissions on buying and selling stocks and mission fees. Almost everyone – including those who are not active – are earning a profit. Nobody is “losing” eaves – seeing their net wealth go down.

  9. Joan Stewart says:

    Interesting article Zbynek, yes EA is an interesting concept, and keeping the divs up important to the folk who have invested in you. That includes taking time out to clean accounts out that do not share nor reciprocate.

    Friendship and building in marketing is the objective in most instances, communicating with each other is paramount, sharing and reciprocation.

    Just stopped off to wish you a great Festive Season and thank you for your continued support. May 2014 grow in the telling……

    • zbynekkysela says:

      Thank you very much for your great comment Joan!
      Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2014!
      Happy investing 🙂 Zbynek aka (e)BOUCHAC

  10. I never understood why people would hang onto low ROI and low paying dividend stocks. Great article Zbynek!

  11. Stuart Donald says:

    Zbynek (e)BOUCHAC, thank you very much for the blog.

  12. Ivana says:

    Thank you for great post, I’m here on list you post 😉 @Iwy
    I only have problem on EA with
    Some fake peoples take my eaves and they do not doo my mission. Some agly folks like to take your eaves 2 time on your 2 mission . If you stricty told that mission is not to steal eaves they take your eaves. I give negativ feed back and when they 2 times cheating I blok this person, then buy one shares and post coment on those profils that are not correct. How you work with this problem, you can make one post about this. Have a grat days!

    • zbynekkysela says:

      Thanks for your comment Ivana! Cheaters exist on Empire Avenue from the very beginning and I agree it’s a big pain.
      I recommend you to block and report people when you are 100% sure they stole eaves from your mission.
      You can also share this info with your friends and inside EAV groups.
      Happy investing, (e)BOUCHAC

  13. Ivana says:

    And one more coment from me. For Ea can be great if they set up Empire A. To work that folks receive eaves only when Action is Rate from mission owners. We will save our time and money. And Scamer will don’t wanna the cheating.. Can you reccomended this to Empire Avenue…

  14. Awesome tips Zbynek! The same way I stay in the Top 50 in the world in dividends.

    A great extra tip would be to be active in other’s missions as well as consistently do your own. This is an easy way to increase your Network Score – by commenting on the wall of anyone who completes the mission to say Thanks.


  15. Thanks for this information, Zbynek. Good stuff here to consider, since my ROI is nowhere where it should be.

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