CleverPaint (Photography)

CleverPaint 1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


Don’t need any painting skills,just importing a photo,you can paint your own painting in few minutes.

Take a photo from camera or album(long press will import hi-resolution photo).

Slide the slider to the Background area, paint the background.

Slide the slider to the Shape area,paint some rough outline or shape,such as mountains,houses,tree,body,etc.

Slide the slider to the Detail area,the brush smaller,paint detail parts such as face,hair,props,etc.

Slide the slider to the Delicate area,paint very delicate parts such as eyes,mouth,fingers,etc.

Done, save your work.

●Draw detail only need.
●Long press “camera” or “photo” button to import hi-resolution photo.
●Try different brush to get more style.
●Save your work before new photo.
●Shake your device to undo last draw.
●Long press “save” button save the origina photo.

What’s New

– Universal version,supports iPhone and iPad;
– Hi-resolution support(long press "camera" or "photo" import hi-resolution photo before paint);
– Bug fix;


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