What Is Massurrealism ? (YouTube)

“Massurrealism shows us that humans control the art, and that art is still being made by a human artist with a human message. It is using these methods that give the artist control over the creative work, and not the other way around.”

Art Media Journal presents “What is massurrealism?” a brief overview chronicling a few of the past directions in art and other factors that eventually led up to the grassroots art genre known as massurrealism in 1992.

With special thanks to the artists in this presentation: James Seehafer, Michael Morris, Philip Kocsis, Domenic Ali, Chip Simons, Troy Paiva, Alan King, Sergio C. Spinelli, Beata Cervin, Simian Coates, Melanie Marie Reichert, Tré, and John Pacovsky.

Massurrealism is a portmanteau word coined in 1992 by American artist James Seehafer, who described a trend among some postmodern artists that mix the aesthetic styles and themes of surrealism and mass media—including pop art. It is a development of surrealism that emphasizes the effect of technology and mass media on contemporary surrealist imagery, which combines elements of surrealism and mass media, the latter consisting of technology and pop art—a form of technology art.


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